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MOQ :1 piece

Lead Time :7 Days

Seller Support : Trade Authenticity Guaranteed & Accepting

Payment : L/C,T/T,Western Union, Money Gram, Credit Card, Paypal

Product details

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability:30 piecesWarranty(Year):1 Year

Packaging & Delivery

  • Length:50 cmWidth:41 cm
  • Height:25 cmLogistics Weight:12.000 kg/piece

Product Specifications

  • Brand name:VOLNIC

Product Description

1. Input (ACDC、AC &DC): Input voltage, current, power, PF, frequency

2. Output (ACDC、AC &DC): Output voltage, current, power

3. Input Accuracy: ±(0.4% reading + 0.1% range + 1 digit)

4. Output Accuracy: ±(0.4% reading + 0.1% range + 1 digit)

5. Frequency response up to 1 MHz lrms, content to every LED power

6. Display input and output parameters simultaneously with 8 windows, also the efficiency of LED driver, convenient for comparison and analysis

7. Input and output parameters tested simultaneously within 0.1 seconds

8. Parameters can set upper and lower limit, acousto-optic alarming above limit

9. Achieve isolation among input analog circuit, output analog circuit and digital processing circuit, not only the ability of anti-interference is improved greatly, but also the interference which the instrument brings to the driver under test is reduced greatly

10. Offer HANDLER interface for connecting external equipments to do massive and fast inspection

11. RS-232 interface offered, standard communication protocol solidified inside the instrument, with which, users can write programs for the second time development and expand functions freely

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